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Delicious. Divine. Dust.

SBS Food: Dust Story


Good Food Guide: Melbourne's New Cake Stars


"...extraordinary, unprecedented donuts you're all going to want to know about!"

Dani Valent, Food Journalist The Age

"...DUST brings to Melbournians' a nostalgia for simpler times - and let's face it, we all want that!"

Kelly James, Baking Business Magazine

"I just love these donuts, the shape, the fluffiness, you can tell these donuts are made with technique and great ingredients”

Raymond Capaldi, BAKETICO

"What I love about DUST. donuts is its simplicity, flavour & long eclair shape. I haven't seen a donut like it!"

Michael Smith, St.Hubert’s Estate

A Word from Jose Chavez, Digital Chef Marketing Co.

“I had nothing but high expectations when I found out that Rod was doing donuts. I did say to myself, though - “how could you possibly do anything different to what is already out there!?”
Well, f^*k me! I didn't expect the shape and the feeling after you ate a whole donut! The dough was so light a fluffy and raspberry flavour was simple and classic, not over the top, and recognisable for all ages as my kids smashed them! We received seven donuts and they were gone in a matter of minutes!

We can't wait to get more!!