T H E ~ F A M I L Y

Prior to COVID-19 Rod and his wife Laura strolled the laneways of the Queen Vic Market whilst snacking on fresh hot donuts dreaming of the day their children would be at their side. Then in 2020 and 2021 Isaiah & Sebastian were born!
In the kitchen Isaiah loves helping dad with handing him utensils whilst playing the leftover dough like putty between his fingers whilst baby Sebastian is being tended to by Mum; who handles the communication aspects of the project.

T H E ~ I D E A

This feel good family business born out of the yearning for nostalgic, simple and delicious donuts is a small batch pastry project of veteran hospitality chef, pastry chef & baker Rod Shokuhi (Ex-Jacques Reymond Restaurant, Oakridge Winery, Stones of the Yarra Valley, Natural Tucker Bakery).

After spending the past two decades in the industry honing skills and excelling in the wide spectrum of food trends from fine dining, to rustic bakery and everything in between it turned out that Rod was drawn to a simpler life. To teach his children how to make beautiful donuts and create an album of memories for the family as they all grow, and having an obsession with classic donuts with jam filling he set out to create a unique, easy to eat lady finger donut dusted in powdered sugar and filled with a knock-out raspberry jam.

Thus, DUST was born.